How Does FFRangio Work? – Insights from Dr. Rahul Sharma’s CVIT 2021 Presentation

FFRangio is a non-invasive, angiography-based system that provides quick, wire-free, and drug-free assessment of FFR for multiple vessels.

In this video highlight from CVIT Japan 2021, Dr. Rahul P. Sharma, MBBS, FRACP, Director of Structural Interventions at Stanford Medical Center, gives an overview of how FFRangio works.

Topics include:

  • 3D model reconstruction – including 3D QCA from routine angiograms without an invasive wire
  • Resistance analysis and FFR – from resistance mapping and computational FFR modeling
  • 3D physiology – with superimposed, color-coded FFR values in multiple vessels
  • FFRangio system results – highlighting the software interface and the important information depicted on screen at the end of analysis

Watch Dr. Sharma’s full CVIT webinar here

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