Quantify. Decide. Confirm.

The CathWorks FFRangio™ System quickly and precisely delivers the objective FFR guidance needed to optimize PCI therapy decisions for every patient.

Current PCI

30% of patients indicated for stents by estimated visual assessment do not need to be treated with stents when evaluated with Fractional Flow Reserve1.


Estimated Visual Assessment

Intraprocedural PCI (percutaneous coronary intervention) decisions using conventional coronary angiography are still principally made via an estimated visual assessment today.

PCI Guidance

Advancing PCI Guidance and Decision-Making

The FAME study1 showed that coronary stent usage could be reduced by about one-third if PCI decisions are based on FFR (Fractional Flow Reserve) measurements instead of on angiography alone (2.7 vs. 1.9, P<0.001). The FAME study went on to show that these patients do better and have less complications.


Conventional FFR Issues

FFR provides objective data that is clearly beneficial in PCI decision-making. However, conventional wire-delivered FFR is still used in fewer than 20% of procedures because it requires an additional intervention, is associated with increased clinical risks, additional radiation exposure, and increased procedural costs.


The CathWorks FFRangio Solution

CathWorks FFRangio System is the non-invasive FFR platform that quickly and precisely delivers objective multi-vessel physiologic measurements to cost-effectively optimize and confirm intraprocedural PCI therapy decisions.

CathWorks FRRangio Reduces Procedure Cost


CathWorks System Technology

The CathWorks System works in combination with the angiography system in your cath lab to provide objective, non-invasive FFR data for PCI decision-making.

Reduction in coronary stent usage


The CathWorks FFRangio System provides objective FFR data for PCI decision-making during the angiography procedure.



The CathWorks System connects directly to the angiography system in your Cath Lab and objective intraprocedural data is displayed on the FFR 3D Dashboard.



The CathWorks System platform is compatible with most angiography systems including the four leading systems in the market today.



The CathWorks FFRangio System digitizes and computes angiography images to provide objective data for PCI decision-making.



The CathWorks System provides multi-vessel data so you can evaluate the entire coronary tree in one color-coded 3D image.



The CathWorks FFRangio System enables you to confirm revascularization and procedural efficacy post-PCI.


  • United States FDA: CathWorks FFRangio received US FDA 510(K) clearance in December 2018.
  • European Union / CE: CathWorks FFRangio has a CE Mark.
  • Japan PMDA: CathWorks has a pending PMDA submission from early 2019.
  • Israel: CathWorks FFRangio has Amar approval.

1. Tonino PAL, et al. Fractional Flow Reserve versus Angiography for Guiding Percutaneous Coronary Intervention. N Engl J Med. January 15, 2009; 360:213-224.