CathWorks FFRangio® System

Now interventional cardiologists in the cath lab can get more insight with less hassle.

Analyze faster with FFR angio

Analyze faster

Accurate insight
in ~ 4 minutes

Real-time FFRangio System values for the entire coronary tree

Decide smarter

Real-time FFRangio values
for the entire coronary tree

Treat confidently

Treat confidently

Clinically proven

Analyze faster with FFR angio

Analyze Faster

Quickly get the insight you need to make more informed treatment decisions

  • Get accurate insight in ~ 4 minutes1
  • Reduce steps and risk by eliminating drug stimulation and invasive pressure wires
  • Simplify operator experience with an intuitive user interface
  • Analyze angiograms quickly with advanced artificial intelligence
Analyse Faster - CathWorks FFRangio System
Pullback curve on an FFRangio monitor
Real-time FFRangio System values for the entire coronary tree

Decide Smarter

Gain a more comprehensive picture of your patient’s physiology

  • Get real-time FFRangio values at every point of the vessel for the entire coronary tree
  • Differentiate diffuse from focal disease
  • Target the most important segments with the simulated pullback curve
Treat confidently

Treat Confidently

Be confident that you’re making the best decisions for your patients

  • Experience excellent diagnostic performance compared to invasive, wire-based FFR2
  • Quickly estimate lesion lengths and vessel diameters with the interactive sizing tool
CathWorks FFRangio System - Results

CRT 2022:
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Performed by the team from Ascension St. John Hospital.

See How the FFRangio System Works

Step 1

Begins with routine
2D angiograms

The FFRangio System analysis begins with three angiograms, 30° apart, that best demonstrate the coronary anatomy.

Step 2

Transforms the angiograms into a
3D model

The system generates an accurate 3D volumetric model of the coronary tree.

Step 3

Analyzes and calculates

Using an advanced algorithm, the system analyzes every branch and bifurcation, then calculates resistance to blood flow along each segment of the coronary tree based on diameter and length.

Step 4

Returns comprehensive physiology values

The system compares resistance to blood flow in diseased versus healthy vessels and provides the FFRangio System values at every point along the coronary tree.

1. Omori H, Witberg G, Kawase Y, et al. Angiogram based fractional flow reserve in patients with dual/triple vessel coronary artery disease. Int J Cardiol.2019;283:17-22.
2. Witberg G, De Bruyne B, Fearon WF, et al. Diagnostic performance of angiogram-derived fractional flow reserve: A pooled analysis of 5 prospective cohort studies. J Am Coll Cardiol Intv.2020;13(4):488-97.

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