EuroPCR 2024 – FFRangio Continued to Generate Immense Buzz

The FFRangio System generated a lot of interest and excitement from keen physicians throughout the four-day EuroPCR conference in Paris, where the FFRangio technology took center stage at multiple clinical data presentations and industry-sponsored symposia.

CathWorks exhibited alongside Medtronic as the companies marked the full European launch of their co-promotion partnership and EU MDR approval.

FFRangio-based PCIs Were Associated with Better 1-year Clinical Outcomes

­­­During a Late-Breaking Trials and Hotline session, Dr. Yuetsu Kikuta from Fukuyama Cardiovascular Hospital presented a compelling analysis of the 1-year clinical outcomes of the International FFRangio Registry, demonstrating that patients who were managed in concordance with FFRangio guidance had a lower cumulative incidence of cardiovascular death, myocardial infarction (MI) and unplanned revascularization than patients managed in discordance with FFRangio guidance.

The registry enrolled 1579 patients at seven centers across Japan and Israel. 91% of patients were managed in concordance with FFRangio guidance, i.e., when FFRangio was positive (≤ 0.80) the lesion was intervened, and when FFRangio was negative (> 0.80) the intervention was deferred.

For patients managed in concordance with FFRangio guidance, the cumulative rate of cardiovascular death, MI and unplanned revascularization was 3.6%, as previously reported. For patients managed in discordance with FFRangio guidance (intervening negative lesions and deferring positive lesions), this rate was 8.7%, nearly 2.5 times higher.

This increase wasn’t just attributed to additional revascularizations, but a15-fold increase in mortality (0.2% versus 3.0%) and a 6-fold increase in MI (0.5% versus 3.1%). The higher rates of death and MI were consistently seen in patients deferred with a positive FFRangio lesion and patients who were intervened with a negative FFRangio lesion.

Validation of the FFRangio Sizing Tool with IVUS Presented by Dr. Kazuhiro Dan

Dr. Kazuhiro Dan from Ichinomiyanishi Hospital presented an update of his validation of the FFRangio sizing tool with IVUS. In this analysis of 121 vessels (115 patients) from the FFRangio International Registry, Dr. Dan reported excellent correlation between lesion length measured by FFRangio and IVUS and a strong correlation between FFRangio and IVUS proximal and distal reference vessel diameters.

Global Experts Highlight FFRangio

The co-sponsored symposium, CathWorks FFRangio: Enhancing Patient Care, with world-renowned faculty at the helm including Dr. Rasha Al-Lamee, Dr. Ajay Kirtane, Dr. Stephane Fournier, Dr. Juan Iglesias and Dr. Carlos Collet was packed full and very well-received by the highly engaged audience.

The panel demonstrated how FFRangio can be seamlessly adopted in everyday practice and aid in clinical decision making for patients with coronary artery disease.

Watch the full symposium HERE.

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