FFRangio in Clinical Practice – CVIT Webinar + Q&A with Dr. Rahul P. Sharma

In this virtual webinar presentation from CVIT Japan 2021, Dr. Rahul P. Sharma, MBBS, FRACP, Director of Structural Interventions at Stanford Medical Center, shares his experience with the latest FFRangio software and discusses important benefits of FFRangio for routine clinical practice.

At the end of the video, there is a question-and-answer session with renowned cardiologists Dr. Hitoshi Matsuo of Gifu Heart Center and Dr. Hiroyoshi Yokoi of Fukuoka Sanno Hospital.

Video topics include:

  • Why do we need image-based FFR?
  • How does FFRangio work?
  • An overview of the latest FFRangio system
  • FFRangio clinical integration, including use at Stanford Medical Center
  • LAD lesion case study
  • Panel question-and-answer session

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