TCT 2023 Highlights: CathWorks Leaves its Mark

The CathWorks FFRangio® System generated a lot of interest and excitement from interventional cardiologists at the annual TCT conference in San Francisco.

CathWorks showcased the FFRangio System in the Medtronic Hub where countless physicians were able to experience the technology hands-on. FFRangio key opinion leaders also hosted one-on-one meetings with physicians who were eager to go deeper and get more experience on the system.

Standing Room Only for CathWorks Symposium

CathWorks FFRangio® System: Optimizing Clinical Decision Making Beyond the Numbers

Dr. Martin B. Leon from Columbia University Irving Medical Center chaired a standing-room only symposium with a world-class panel of experts including Dr. William Fearon, Dr. Allen Jeremias and Dr. Ajay J. Kirtane. The panel shared their experience with the FFRangio System and how they utilize the technology to optimize clinical decision making.

Watch the full symposium below:

FFRangio Live Cases

The CathWorks FFRangio® System was successfully featured in two live cases. The first was performed at Stanford Health Center with Dr. William Fearon as the operator. The second was broadcasted from Scripps Health with Dr. Paul Teirstein as the operator. Also, Dr. Evan Shlofmitz presented a recording of a live case at St. Francis Medical Center, where Dr. Allen Jeremias and Dr. Ziad Ali performed the analysis.

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