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FFRangio Validation Study

The FFRangio Validation study evaluated 203 lesions in 184 patients and showed that there is high concordance between FFRangio and invasive FFR, including a diagnostic accuracy of 93%.

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FAST-FFR Pivotal Trial

The FAST-FFR pivotal trial was a prospective multicenter, international trial designed to determine the accuracy of FFRangio in clinical practice compared to traditional wire-based FFR. The trial included 301 patients and 319 vessels at 10 clinical sites.

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FFRangio in Dual/Triple Vessel Disease

This prospective clinical study conducted at Gifu Heart Centre, Japan—evaluated the diagnostic performance of FFRangio in 50 patients with dual or triple vessel CAD compared to wire-based FFR.

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FFRangio Pooled Analysis from 5 Prospective Cohort Studies

This lesion-level pooled data analysis of 588 patients and 700 lesions represents the “largest and most diverse cohort of any single angiogram-based FFR technology reported.”

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