EuroPCR 2023 – FFRangio Takes Center Stage

The CathWorks FFRangio® System Was a Hit at EuroPCR

The FFRangio System generated a lot of interest and excitement from interventional cardiologists throughout the four-day EuroPCR conference in Paris.

CathWorks exhibited alongside Medtronic as their global co-promotion gains momentum across Europe. Countless physicians were able to experience the FFRangio System hands-on, and interested physicians heard directly from Professor Witberg during Meet the Expert sessions.

Esteemed Panel Showcased FFRangio

The co-sponsored Case in Point session was packed full with world-renowned faculty at the helm including Dr. Martin Leon, Dr. Bernard De Bruyne, Dr. Gianluca Campo, Dr. Jonathan Hill, Dr. Ajay Kirtane and Professor Ran Kornowski. The panel shared their experience integrating the FFRangio System in their cath labs and adopting it as their primary physiology tool. Between the faculty’s natural chemistry with one another and the caliber of the content, the audience was thoroughly engaged throughout the session.

Watch the full symposium here:

FFRangio Clinical Presentation – Outcomes Data Update

Professor Witberg from Rabin Medical Center presented an update on 1-year outcomes of patients who were treated based on FFRangio guidance. He shared the latest data from the FFRangio Global Registry, now including 1,435 patients with 1,967 lesions from seven centers in Japan and Israel managed according to FFRangio guidance. The moderated poster session was standing room only demonstrating physicians’ genuine interest in wanting to learn more about the FFRangio System.

At 1-year follow-up, the 547 patients who underwent revascularization had a MACE rate of 6.8% compared to 1.6% in those patients who were deferred due to a negative FFRangio result. Of note, the rate of target lesion revascularization (TLR) in the deferred population was only 0.3% which should be extremely reassuring for clinicians.

Witberg G, et al. One-year clinical outcomes of FFR angio-guided treatment of coronary artery disease, as presented at EuroPCR 2023

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