CathWorks Presents New Data and Latest Innovations at ACC 2022

CathWorks FFRangio™ System outcomes study to be presented at ACC 2022…
CathWorks announces the completion of more than 5,000 FFRangio cases globally.


CathWorks announced today that the results of its most recent outcomes study on the CathWorks FFRangio™ system will be presented by Dr. Guy Witberg from Rabin Medical Center, Petah Tikva, Israel on Sunday, April 3 at the annual American College of Cardiology (ACC) conference in Washington, DC.

Dr. Witberg and his co-investigators in Israel and Japan examined the 1-year clinical outcomes of 492 patients whose treatment decision was based solely on the CathWorks FFRangio™ System results. “FFRangio has been in use in our cath lab since 2016 and we have taken part in several studies demonstrating its excellent diagnostic performance compared to the gold standard wire-based FFR, culminating in the pivotal FAST-FFR trial and our leading role in conducting a pooled analysis that compared FFRangio to wire-based FFR. Based on the results of these studies, we have been using FFRangio as a standalone tool for physiologic assessment in patients undergoing coronary angiography, and it has become the standard of care in our cath lab replacing wire-based FFR. The data we present at ACC will be the first to examine the clinical outcomes of FFRangio-guided treatment in this population. We are happy to add this outcomes study to the growing body of evidence supporting the broad application of FFRangio in the intraprocedural assessment of patients with coronary artery disease,” said Dr. Witberg.

“CathWorks is grateful for the partnership with the study investigators as we continue to broaden the global clinical adoption of FFRangio and work towards our mission of transforming how cardiovascular disease is diagnosed and treated. We are proud to also announce that we surpassed a major milestone for CathWorks this month with more than 5,000 patients having benefited from our FFRangio technology, and we are determined to help many more,” said Ramin Mousavi, President and CEO of CathWorks.

Not only will CathWorks have a prominent presence in the exhibit hall at ACC 2022 where healthcare professionals can get hands-on experience with the latest generation of the CathWorks FFRangio™ System, its technology will also be showcased at the Future Hub for the duration of the conference. Several scientific sessions at ACC will focus on the growing adoption of angio-based FFR and its role in the management of patients with cardiovascular disease.


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