CathWorks FFRangio® System: A New Era in Coronary Physiology
(TCT Boston 2022)

CathWorks and Medtronic hold Symposia: Chaired by Dr. Martin B. Leon from Columbia University Irving Medical

At TCT 2022, panel experts Dr. Martin B. Leon, Prof. Ran Kornowski, Dr. Rahul P. Sharma and Dr. Amir Kaki shared how they’ve integrated the FFRangio System in their cath labs and explained why it’s poised to be the new standard of care in physiology assessment

Transforming CAD from Diagnosis to Treatments: The symposium was chaired by Dr. Ajay J. Kirtane from NewYork-Presbyterian/Columbia University Irving Medical Center, New York, NY. The esteemed clinicians and researchers from around the globe (Dr. Ajay Kirtane, Dr. Ravi Ramana, Dr. Guy Witberg, and Dr. Ioannis Skalidis) who are at the forefront of evidence generation for angiography-based physiology, shared the latest evidence on FFRangio and presented how CathWorks’ revolutionizing treatment decisions for coronary artery disease.

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