TCT 2022 Was Highly Successful for CathWorks

TCT 2022
The CathWorks booth with a prominent and vibrant presence welcomed dozens of physicians who were keen to experience the utility of the CathWorks FFRangio® System firsthand. Leading FFRangio physician experts also facilitated one-on-one meetings with their peers who were eager to go deeper and get their hands on the system.

CathWorks and Medtronic Co-promotion

TCT 2022 publicly showcased the CathWorks and Medtronic co-promotion for the first time. Both companies jointly sponsored two symposia and an evening reception that drew in large crowds and were incredibly well-received.

CathWorks and Medtronic Symposia

CathWorks FFRangio® System: A New Era in Coronary Physiology: Chaired by Dr. Martin B. Leon from Columbia University Irving Medical Center, New York, NY. The renowned faculty, including Dr. Ran Kornowski, Dr. Rahul Sharma and Dr. Amir Kaki, shared their experience integrating the FFRangio System in their cath labs and adopting it as their primary physiology too.

CathWorks and Medtronic Symposia

Transforming CAD from Diagnosis to Treatments: The symposium was chaired by Dr. Ajay J. Kirtane from NewYork-Presbyterian/Columbia University Irving Medical Center, New York, NY. The esteemed clinicians and researchers from around the globe (Dr. Ajay Kirtane, Dr. Ravi Ramana, Dr. Guy Witberg, and Dr. Ioannis Skalidis) who are at the forefront of evidence generation for angiography-based physiology, shared the latest evidence on FFRangio and presented how CathWorks’ revolutionizing treatment decisions for coronary artery disease.

FFRangio Live Cases

The CathWorks FFRangio® System was successfully featured in two live cases. The first from Rabin Medical Center with Dr. Ran Kornowski as the operator, and the second from Stanford Health Center with Dr. Bill Fearon as the operator.

FFRangio clinical presentationsFFRangio Clinical Presentations

Dr. Ioannis Skalidis from CHUV Lausanne University Hospital in Lausanne, Switzerland presented a Head-to-head Comparison of Two Different Angiography-derived FFR Techniques in NSTEMI Patients. This was the first head-to-head comparison of FFRangio and QFR and demonstrated that FFRangio was more closely correlated to wire-based FFR than QFR.

Dr. Guy Witberg from Rabin Medical Center shared the 2-year outcomes of patients who were treated based on FFRangio guidance and concluded that the results were excellent and consistent with current data for invasive wire-based FFR-guided treatment. The outcomes underscore the clinical utility of FFRangio and its potential to expand the use of physiologic assessment in everyday practice.

TCT 2023

We look forward to sharing more insights at TCT 2023 in San Francisco, CA.


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