of the Coronary Tree


of the Coronary Tree


Angiogram-based FFR mapping without further intervention

  • No pressure wire required
  • No hyperemic stimulus

In-depth utilization of
cath lab image information

A grasp of coronary physiology
derived from routine angiograms


No FFR wire

No drug stimulator

Shortens procedure time

Optimizing cath lab throughput

Measurement vs. Assessment

Fractional flow reserve (FFR) determines the hemodynamic severity of coronary lesions, providing standardizing decisions on the need for intervention.

FFRangio®: transforming FFR from secondary to primary decision tool.

A novel technology
for angiogram-based
physiology measurement

Enabling DAILY use of FFR for interventional cardiologists over a wide variety of coronary lesions and clinical scenarios.

Image-based solutions spare redundant interventions.


Next Generation FFR

Automatic complete tree reconstruction in three dimensions, displayed in real time.

Visualize FFR as a full map, to improve patient treatment.

The Company

CathWorks develops medical devices for the interventional cardiology market.

The company’s technology is based on processing visual information and automatic multi-layered algorithms.

CathWorks’ technology is focused on improving the utilization of coronary angiography data to ratify measurement-based medicine in the cath lab.

CathWorks is a privately-held Israeli company established in 2013. It is supported by a dominant strategic partner as well as leading venture capital firms in the medical devices arena.

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